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In the Summer of 2023 I decided to enroll into this amazing course taught by Emmy-Award winning Creative Director, Designer and Educator, Mike Frederick. Throughout the 12 week course we are tasked with several real-world client jobs. The course teaches you the fundamentals of design, value, visual heiarchy and other timeless principles like color theory and composition. Such a challenging but rewarding experience to work alongside industry pro’s and elevate my skills to the next level!


To start things off, we are immediatly tossed into the fire before any lessons begin. This assignment was intented to set the baseline for the work to follow. The deliverables were 3-4 style frames that showcase in a cool way how you will transition from stills to a Title Card lock up at the end for an upcoming gaming tournament.


Fox has a fictional show about to launch on the streets of Tokyo, Japan. This dance competition puts teams of break dancers in a firece weekly head-to-head battle called “Urban Freestyle: Tokyo Throwdown. The task was to create a logo mockup as well as Design Boards that will showcase what the Show Opening will look like.